Circle of charity

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Коло благодійності події Львів Lions MC байкери

The purpose: To raise funds for the necessary surgical interventions for children from low-income families and orphans.

Project implementation: Each participant of the action, who participates in the fundraising, has the right to ride with a biker for the symbolic charity circle near the Opera House.

благодійність байкери львів lions mc

Lions MC Ukraine biker club - one of the largest biker clubs in Western Ukraine. The Mother chapter is located in Lviv.
Charitable Foundation "I am not alone", has been operating in Ukraine since 2010 and works in the following areas:
- Organizing and facilitating conducting of operations in the state children's institutions of the Lviv region (most of which were not held in Ukraine before) for children with complex developmental defects - more than 250 operations were carried out. Improvement of Ukrainian medicine to the level of the best world standards.
- Attracting the best world medical specialists for conducting practical master classes for Ukrainian doctors and promoting the training of medical personnel by conducting specialized exercises, master classes.
- Organizing and conducting telemedicine exercises with online transmissions of surgical interventions for surgeons and cadets in Ukraine - is conducted on a regular basis.
- Repair of hospital chambers and resuscitation facilities - repairs were carried out in 5 chambers of hospitals: OKHMATDIT and Lviv City Municipal Emergency Hospital.
- Purchase of modern medical equipment for Ukrainian hospitals.

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